the author and her homegrown cabbageWelcome

Let thy kitchen be thy apothecary
and let foods be thy medicine


I’ve created these pages in order to share what I’ve been learning, and how much better I feel, since eating a mainly plant-based, whole foods, gluten-free diet.

Equally important, I want to share my belief that what we eat is an ethical choice we all make, each day, at every meal, whether consciously or not. We can help make the world a better place — for the animals, the environment, humanity's overall health, and for future generations — by exploring these connections together.

I hope that the experience and information I share may provide some benefit to you as you consider (or continue) a journey toward improved health, and conscious eating.

Whether I’ve told you about my site or you’ve stumbled upon it, feel free to browse the information and send me feedback.

abi gezunt! Be healthy!